Auto Body Repairs – FAQ

“How to Evaluate The Best Auto Body Repair Shop in Your Local Area”

1.   Do you work with my insurance company?
Yes, we work with all insurance companies.  All you need to do is tell them that you want us to fix your car.

2.   Do I need to get 3 estimates form different shops?
No, you do not.  We will determine the damage and we will negotiate with your insurance company according to your policy.

3.    Do I have to take my car to the auto body shop they want me to go to?
No, they may try to tell you to go to a specific shop, though the law says that you can have your car fixed anywhere you want.

4.    Do you use the same auto body paint that is on my car from the factory?
There is no such thing as factory paint.  All shops mix the paint from a factory code.  The trick is in mixing and blending the paint so that it matches the rest of the car.

5.    Will you replace all the parts that are broken on my vehicle?
We will replace all the parts that the insurance company pays for.

6.    Will you use all original  body and engine parts on my car?
Most of the time we will, though this depends on you specific  policy.

7.   Will I get a car to drive while my car is in the body shop?
Yes, if you have rental coverage on your policy, then yes, you will get a car.

8.    If the accident was not my fault, will I still get a rental car equivalent to my car?
Yes, as long as the other party has insurance.

9.    Will my insurance company need to inspect my damaged car?
Yes, they will have to inspect and write an estimate for the damage.  All you have to do is tell them that your car is at our shop and they will take care of the rest.

10.    If there is no insurance company will I get a reasonable price to repair my car?

11.    Will I get my car back clean after it has been in your auto body shop?
Yes, not only will we wash it, but if the work is over $995 you will get a free care detail.

12.    Do I have to pay for towing to your shop?
If you have insurance they will pay for the towing.  If you don’t have insurance and we get the job we may be able to pay for the towing.

13.    What makes you different and better than other collision centers?
We have 40 plus years in this auto body repair industry, we treat our clients as we would like to be treated, we have qualified and certified technicians and we do what we promise.

14.    Do you warranty your work?
Yes, we stand behind our body work. We have a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Should you ever have a question about workmanship please feel free to stop by and have us look at it.

15.    How will I know if original equipment manufactured (OEM), non original parts (aftermarket), or used parts will be used to repair my car?
All parts to be used in the collision repair process are required to be identified on the estimate. Original equipment parts will be designated OEM. Non original parts or aftermarket parts will be designated economy parts. Used parts will be designated as quality replacement part.

16.    I obtained two estimates to repair the body damage to my vehicle but there is a substantial difference between them in the total dollar amount. Why is this and what should I do?
Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include everything necessary to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. If you’re not sure why one estimate is different from another, please ask us.

17.    I’m at the accident scene and my vehicle needs to be towed. What should I do?
Under normal circumstances the investigating police officer at the accident scene should ask you where you prefer to have your vehicle towed and who you prefer to do the towing. If you do not make a request your vehicle could end up being towed to a business that is unable to perform collision repairs or one you wouldn’t normally select for collision repair. Request that your un-driveable, collision-damaged vehicle be towed to the collision repair shop of your choice.

18.    Will my car’s auto body panels that have to be painted during the collision repair process match the existing painted panels?
Yes, if applied by a skilled technician who has received proper training and follows the proper procedures for color matching. I-Car offers classes in color matching, color tinting, and proper refinishing procedures. Some paint manufacturers also require specialized refinishing training and certification Look for evidence of this specialized training when selecting a collision repair facility.