Auto Body Repairs

You visit auto body shops for many reasons.  Some of the reasons you may need to visit an auto body shop are damages caused in parking lots, a hit and run, being rear ended, rear ending someone, and vandalism.  Some auto body damage is not our fault and some is.  Today’s cars are made very different than the cars of years past. Sometimes the damage appears to be very minor and only on the surface but you cannot know for sure until an experienced auto body repair shop examines the damaged area in detail.

For example, you may think that just the bumper cover was damaged and the rest of the car is fine.  Maybe you will notice something leaking, maybe not.  Some cars have very important and sensitive parts or components in areas you would never think of.  A radiator water reservoir or a turbo cooling unit right behind the bumper cover are just some examples of how  today’s car manufacturers engineer automobiles to maximize every inch of the car.

During the auto body repair process things must be examined very closely. For example:

  1. It is very possible to oversee important safety items that have been damaged.
  2. Maybe a small item that if not replaced can cause major damaged later once the car is back on the road.

At The Original Haskell’s Auto Body, we take pride in the way we handle your car repair.  Our goal is to deliver your car to you in as close to pre loss condition as possible.  We examine every car for hidden damage and report it to you so together we can inform your insurance company and get your auto repairs covered under your claim.

We communicate with you and repair your car in professional manner and return your car to you clean and ready to be safely driven again.  Because the auto body repair process is often messy, many times we also detail your car, free of charge, before you to pick it up.

Auto Painting

Your car’s paint job is usually the first thing you’ll notice after a major auto body repair.   For the customer, it’s the biggest indicator of the overall quality of a body repair job.  If the damaged body and mechanical parts are repaired in a very professional and competent manner and the paint is not great, then the costumer will not be happy.  We have seen cases where corners were cut on the repair but the paint job looked great and the costumer was happy until things started to go wrong.  This is not the way to treat people.  We will never cut corners and overlook a required repair and mask with a great paint job.

We do not lower our standards to do sub-par work.  Remember in life, you generally get what you pay for.  Auto paint materials are a great example of this theory.  The color may look the same, but there are different levels of quality out there.  For example:

If we use a low end paint product, you will end up with a paint job that will fade, scratch and loose its shine within a year or two in our hot California sun.  If the car is not prepped properly, you’ll have a high chance of the paint chipping and peeling within a short time.

By staying current on the best advances in our industry we are able to provide you with excellent work.  We pride ourselves on great workmanship.

At The Original Haskell’s Auto Body you will receive a thorough and expert auto body repair and a top quality paint job. That is how we operate.  You will have peace of mind that results from knowing  that we make sure that your car is given back to you with all mechanical and structural issues resolved as well as a great paint job that will last for many years.

Feel free to contact us for any questions about auto body repairs, general or specific.